The Night Porter goes maverick – VOTE!!

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Dear friends – We wanted to pass these two songs onto you before the US election on Nov.4. Politics make us sick and all we can do sometimes is yell about it and bash things around. The Night Porter (Carla Bozulich, Shahzad Ismaily, Jessica Catron, Ches Smith) recorded these songs 2+ years ago . Bad times—but even worse now. Though our album is still not out, we wanted to give you these songs as a farewell to George Bush and a hope for an end to imperial fascism, racism, sexism, war, and economic imbalance in our lifetimes.

The songs: Monkeys & Set Self On Fire

We’re really excited because The Night Porter album is currently being mixed by Steve "Golden Ears" Fisk and his badass wizardry. the songs keep coming and his mixes are blowing our brains. If you have a minute, please call someone, write someone, tell someone you know about the urgency of this election and how important it is to VOTE.  Bush is out. The end of an era? They can’t do what they do without us.


Ches, Shahzad, Carla, Jessica

The Night Porter

surprise show tonight

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tues sept 16th

Father Murphy (Italy!)

Carla Bozulich (Evangelista), John Dieterich (Deerhoof), Devin Hoff (Good for Cows) Trio

Chen Santa Maria


8 pm
4 5th Avenue (at Embarcadero East) in Oakland
$5 donation
all ages

chiara from father murphy:

chiara from father murphy

the stone tues nite, chicago canceled, san francisco for sure, jesse rules

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Jesse McCloskey

hi, friends. we have one more evangelista gig in nyc—tonight (tues) at the stone on 2nd and
c. 10 pm. please come.

the show in chicago is CANCELED due to scheduling mix up on the part of the empty
bottle. sorry for that, really, really wish that would have worked out playing with
keiji haino!

we have one show left with our beloved xiu xiu. san francisco on sept 13. surprise

the bowery ballroom show in nyc was one of the best ever. we were joined by spencer
yeh (violin) and okkyung lee (cello). there was times in the show that sounded like
the mouth of hell gave birth to a choir of impossibly naive kitten sounds with bloody
claws and sooo soft.

the incredible lisa gamble is playing her last show with us for a while tomorrow. please check
her out in all incarnations. she’s a real explorer and her sense of adventure
is wild and magikal.

ezra buchla ended up playing even more shows than we planned. he gets this music
and the music gets him. very intense. we were the stronger for it.

our plans for europe in nov-december are still being cooked up. early next year,
too, we hope.

if you’re in nyc you’ve got to check out jesse’s art opening. you might recognize his odd stylings from the fibbers record covers…. he’s amazing.
go here:

love to sydney and anthony.


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wire cover
i knew the wire was the best but– fucking hell wow.

tour dates below the rants

hi there

thank you for coming to our recent shows. always an adventure. the last Evangelista show was possibly the best. a special idea just for the night. tara, shahzad, dominic, gamble. "fun and daunting", i heard someone say. shahzad and i made a little song for efrim and jessica’s dog that everyone in the room sang along to. 22 people in the hot little brooklyn room (issue project) all stomped and sang as the lights went on and off and the eggs got rattled and the big drum boom boomed and voices came in and out of time and gamble running all over the place! you could hear andrea paying the cello all the way from somewhere in germany… all in surround sound! please support brooklyn’s issue project. it’s really something. we will have cds of this night—limited editions at our coming shows with xiu xiu……

tara has aptly named this xiu xiu tour the MONSTERS OF MERCH TOUR. we will simply not break even if we don’t kick ass on merch. we ended up with way too much, especially shirts and stuff because of canceled dates and optimism. we will have some rare stuff. please buy. and please come to the shows if you can. we won’t be able to do these north american tours anymore unless a miracle happens and either the promoters start paying us $20 for every person that pays $7 at the door or gas drops to pre-1985 prices. in short, we need more bodies at the shows or grants or something to be able to play for you on this continent in the future. those of you who have come to the shows know what i’m talking about—–100% throwing down, no matter how many people in the room. it’s our pleasure. 

now, many of you have given us hotel rooms or nice places to sleep and cake and things in the past to make tour in the usa easier. we don’t always say yeah but this trip is gonna be all about sayin’, YEAH. you feel free to help us out! really. don’t be shy about it. i got the laptop i’m typing to you on w/money people sent me to keep me on the road. believe me, without a laptop the whole thing would halt. writing, recording, making tours, making false identities on wikipedia…. 

taking this concept of "help us entertain you", check this out. we really do still want to play in the states sometimes. please look below the tour dates to take in our latest harebrain scheme.

let’s see. i was asked by a newspaper if i’ve done any recordings or tours this year. well, yes! aside from Hello Voyager… i was on an album that came out a couple of months ago called Simone Masserone–Dandelions On Fire (featuring CB). the label is Long Song Records out of milan. it’s good stuff and definitely not my usual direction. kind of cool to drop in on someone else’s scene and find a niche. 

i did a track with Bul Bul for their new album that came out recently which was super fun to record. we followed it up with a gig in vienna where they asked me to decide what we were gonna do at the show. i wrote a really fun set of detailed recipes for chaos turning into structure into car wrecking noise into acapella german drinking sing alongs. it was super fun and they are the best guys (and they’re not afraid of doing anything embarrassing!!).
i did a track with mickey finn, led by another italian monster of sound, zeno de rossi along with cuong vu. the song’s called We Are What We Teach—-speaking against war and rascism

NOW our beloved Dead Science are on Constellation. tara got to hear their new album and she warned me that i won’t believe how good it is. yay! they are so gay!! now we can really fight. cuz now we are brothers! brothers in gayness! they are the BEST. i just sang on one of their songs for something they’re doing with a lot of guests. 12 tracks of carla in 3.5 minutes, wearing hot pants during the entire recording session— that’s where it’s at.

this interview was published and i like it:

come early to the xiu xiu shows so you won’t miss the amazing rob fisk in his new project Common Eider, King Eider.

listen to Dead Western listen to Pod Blotz listen to Spires That In The Sunset Rise. these were my fav new things we played with on the recent tours. boy was i floored by Dead Western. 

coming shows:

august 3 GOLDMUND FESTIVAL, Berlin (w/ francesco guerri + guests?)



aug 15 @ casbah, san diego, california

aug 16 @ solar culture, tucson, arizona

aug 19@ tequila jungle, lubbock, texas

aug 20 @ mohawk, austin, texas

aug 21 @ Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, houston, texas

aug 22@ bottle tree cafe, birmingham

aug 23 @ drunken unicorn, atlanta, georgia

aug 24 @ milestone, charlotte, north carolina

aug 25 @ sonar, baltimore, maryland

aug 26 @ living room providence, rhode island

aug 27 @ paradise boston, massachusetts

aug 28 @ bowery ballroom, new york cty

sept 11 @ empty bottle, chicago (WIRE FESTIVAL)

sept 13 @ bottom of the hill, san francisco…

we’re working on some dates for southern europe for late november, early december.

look at this pic of nels and jessica moss during a geraldine fibbers show:

Nels Cline & Jessica Moss

jam on this you guys as a thing that might be a
good idea:


We have this experience experiment in the works where we will hire our sorcery out to our fans, friends, and colleagues.
and here it is:

For the cost of us traveling plus $100 for each band member, Carla Bozulich’s Evangelista will play for at least an hour at your birthday party, graduation, funeral, going away party, existential malaise
exorcism, body aches,  muscle soreness, clean/sober birthday or anniversary celebration, decapitation, wedding, art opening and closings, dance party, magazine, store or yacht launchings, cult-removal, viking funerals, removal of orthodontic contraptions and/or root canal, chili cook-off, catcentrics, bat mitzvah, pet lizard funeral, et cetera.

included in this fee we will also:

1. write a song especially for you and your friends. Really. you give us a topic and one to five keywords.

2. arrange and perform any one cover song of your choosing, or any request from back catalog, that is under six minutes in length. totally fine to request songs we have never heard, just send us the mp3. please be prepared for any song to sound completely different from what you are used to.

3. give you one mix-tape made just for you from EACH BAND MEMBER.  yes!  for you to rock on your cd cassette deck or laser dot all night long. Hours of grooves and drones and things you can smell with your ears.

4. eat a bunch of your snacks

5. speak in a language that only we understand— frequently,  accidentally and without warning, especially while we set up, eat and break down our equipaje.

6. if, for instance, you and all your friends (you’re gonna need friends to get all this cash together) just like screeching gargantuan feedback and vacuum cleaner sounds ONLY or if maybe you’re getting married to a shy muppet or getting over ear canal reversal surgery and you’d like us to do quieter songs with not much cursing on your great aunts’ 102nd birthday, we will take it as a fun challenge. if you’re into all improvised/specially devised shows, it is my forte and it will be a pleasure. whatevr. we’re easy

7. if you want to do this but you want to do it at a club in your town, that’s totally possible. we need to have all the same things end up in all the same places, but we can arrange things with a venue to make this a special nite or day.


1. scheduling is a bitch.
2. we need two or 3 hotel rooms, or a righteous house with beds and couches to sleep on and clean towels. no incense, hard drugs, cigs or potpourri, or cat piss, please.
3. you need to supply a PA with reverb! we will show up in time to set it up with you and make the sound nice before people arrive.
4. we need cool foods
5. if things turn ugly we’re outta there ie: hard drugs or listening to U2 or Sting.

note: even if you are not located along a good route for us, please email us anyway. if you rock the plane tickets and the amps and stuff, we will be there. 

NOTE: discount if you have cats and can prove it. double discount if your pet is a stray or rescue!!!!!! double again discount if your pet comes with a great pet rescue story.

very hello, voyager.

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the road by Cormac MacCarthy—i really liked it. easy reading. very hello, voyager.

hi everyone, i have bits of news.

for now let me try to set this straight….these two show dates have been switched and miss-printed dozens of times on the internets. i know some people are gonna end up at the cake shop or death by audio tomorrow and that sucks but we’ll see you saturday, we hope.

here’s the real poop:

we play at 10:15 tonite…friday nite in brooklyn:

Friday April 18th @ MARKET HOTEL

high places and ecstatic sunshine are playing. it will be fun.

we play at 10:15
1142 Myrtle @ Bdwy | Bushwick, Brooklyn
JMZ-Myrtle, L-Jefferson, G-Myrtle/Willoughby | 9:30pm | $8 | all ages

then: Saturday April 19th @ Cake Shop all ages

—1512 Ludlow St. NYC

with Air Waves and The Minetta

don’t know what time but we’re last.

the wfmu performance on sunday is canceled.

after new york we’re off to england and europe playing with some great bands including melt banana and boris and well, hell….16 bitch pile up!

here’s what i have up until we enter italy—more dates coming in the next few days. then we come back through north america starting june 7 in montreal at the suoni festival and ending in LA somewhere around july 5. then we take more than a month off and tour the us 1 more time this year, including 2 weeks with xiu xiu starting august 14…..

EVANGELISTA the band(s) with tara and me:

dominic cramp (oakland) is the keyboard player for evangelista. he’s fantastic and plays like a dervish stuck in a honey pot. he gives me snacks i take. he does Modular Set Gigante Sound and Arthur Dent. plus he is Qulfus. He is one half of Vulcanus 68.

andrea serrapiglio (alessandria, italy) is the cellist. he seems to like us. i am really still in shock that we found someone as magical as him. he is a beautiful sound. he plays the cello like butter and crushed glass. he loves electronics and makes peddles, bends circuits, is bent. he’s played with many great improvisers and i suggest you visit his myspace page to read about some of the musics he does.

on our whole north american tour—march 11 through tomorrow at the cake shop the drummer has been adam baz. he’s a young whip, fantastic player. special friend. incredible visual artist. skater. he was in night wounds and is in ghost to falko and plays around in portland with lots of stuff.

starting in austin march 14 and going on through los angeles march 20, jeremy drake was the guitarist and he will join us again for our UK dates. it was the first time Evangelista had another guitarist on tour besides me and it was SO GREAT to play with jeremy, who i think the goddamn world of. he’s played with elani mandell to nels to jessica catron of the night porter and much improvised musics—-a special person to LA’s music and ecologic conditions.

Ava Mendoza (oakland) joined us after jeremy and has been with us ever since. you will hear her play tonite if you come down to the market hotel. she is one of the best guitarists i’ve ever heard and it’s crazy that we finally get to play together. she’s in mute socialite and caroliner rainbow and … tomorrow at the cake shop is our last show with her and adam for a while which is sad because the band is BURNING right now.

we are telling you with happiness that we have a north american booking agent for all shows starting june 13 when we will be back in new york playing! they are The Free Agency and are doing things fresh. we love them.


April 22 Nottingham @ The Maze

257 Mansfield Road




0115 947 5650


April 23 London (w/magik markers and old time relijun) @ cargo

83 Rivington St

Kingsland Viaduct


London EC2A 3AY

General Enquiries: 020 7739 3440


April 24 Leeds

Venue: Holy Trinity Church, (Boar Lane, Leeds LS1)

April 25 Hull Adelphi

89 De Grey Street Hull HU5 2RU

T: 01482 348216

April 27 London @ The Old Blue

with Polly Shang Kuan and Wet Dog

38 Great Eastern Street

London, EC2A 3ES, United Kingdom

+44 20 7739 7033

April 29 LILLE @ La Malterie

42, Rue Kuhlmann

59000 Lille, France

+33 3 20 15 13 21

April 30 PARIS – Cafe de la Danse

with Why?

5, Passage Louis Philippe

75011 Paris, France

+33 1 47 00 57 59

May 2 Brussels

@ matartcar

Rue du Menin 79 /Molenbeek, BRUSSELS

May 3 Namur, BELGIUM (50 km in the south of brussels)

NAMUR @ Belvedere
5000 NAMUR
vat : BE 0 893 656 248

May 4 Vera Groningen, Nederlands

Oosterstraat 44

9711 NV Groningen

the Netherlands

tel:++31 (0)50 313 46 81

fax:++31 (0)50 314 33 13

May 5 Hamburg, Knust

Neuer Kamp 30

D – 20357 Hamburg

Knust Gastronomie Betriebs GmbH

Ness 1

20457 Hamburg FON: +49-(0)40 – 87 97 62- 30

May 6 Berlin, Cafe Zapata (Tacheles)

Oranienburger Str. 54

10117 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 2816109

May 8 Dresden, BeatPol

Adresse: Altbriesnitz 2a Ort: 01157 Dresden Tel: +49 351 4210397

May 10 Leipzig, UT Connewitz

Wolfgang-Heinze-Str. 12a

04277 Leipzig Connewitz

UT office via telephone: +49 (0) 341 4626776

May 11 CH-Zurich, El Lokal

Gessnerallee 11

8001 Zurich, Tel: 043 344 87 50, EMail:

May 12 Munchen, Feierwerk w/BORIS

Hansastr. 39 -41, Munchen – +49 89 72488-0

may 13 Trieste @ Tetris
may 14 Appiano (near Bolzano) @ Mebo Center
may 15 – 20 TBA
may 21 Firenze @ Stazione Leopolda – Fabbrica Europa
may 22 Faenza (Ra) @ Clandestino
may 23 Giussago (Pv) @ Ortosonico

May 25 wels, austria with melt banana

May 26 TBA

May 27 secret show


May 28 A-Wien, WUK

Werkstatten- und Kulturhaus

Wahringer Strasse 59

A-1090 Wien

tel.: 401 21 – 0

fax: 401 21 – 65

May 29 Innsbruck

May 30 Fribourg, austria @ Bad Bonn Kilbi Festival

May 31 LYON, FRANCE @ Sonic

4, Quai Etroits

69005 Lyon, France

+33 4 78 38 27 40

June 1 TOULON, FRANCE (!!) @ theatre porte d’italie

56, Boulevard de Tesse

83000 Toulon, France

+33 4 94 62 96 09

i’m obsessed with this song.
i hear it in my head all the time. the production is so good it has permanently blown the top off of ridin dirty AND EVEN hood boy. i love when all the back up singers yell "reeboks with the straps" in perfect 4 part harmony (so gay) and never has the word "ay!" ever been so infectious. but WHY is this the unsexiest video ever made? where is shawty? i know she’s not any of these post flashdance pro dance skinny bottom vente lo fat frappacino babes. where is the real shawty with the apple bottom jeans boots with the fur baggy sweat pants and the reeboks with the straps?? wait…. baggy sweat pants? wait, this whole thing is suspiciously queer… maybe they’re bangin for jesus. whatever. the production is really hot.

on the website there are now more than 50 songs available for download, many unreleased.

also, is coming together. please check in for songs and news.