Fake Party

Fake PartyFake Party in conjunction with SASSAS and MAK Center For Arts and Architecture, at Schindler House — Los Angeles, CA / Architect Rudolph Schindler


Please come to my: Fake Party!

Imagine what a time you’ll have… In the walls, under stars, brushing elbows, you’ve never looked lovelier, dear. We all love art and music and fun and parties where anything goes, and seeing old friends and drawing people close, while others come a bit too near. This one has promise, you’ve got to come over. Every time we get together, it’s something to behold. It’s all very normal, life is always like this: fantastic, provocative, rare and romantic with free booze and snacks, and some charming little twists.

You remember Carol Citrone? She can always go-go-go. Jeanette Raite is coming, discussion, percussion. Nels Cline can’t wait to say, “hello”. You’ll find Geoff Brandin somewhere. He’ll be sounding off in the halls. Erica Rawlings wants to tell you some things. Dave Stone spinning out, rumbling walls. Ethan Holtzman, a musician. That’s something to be today. Me, I’ve been dying to see you and sing. I think everyone’s going to play.